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Thank you AI.

I have 2 questions!

I’ll start with the second one though…

- Why don’t we call an interesting YouTube suggestion a coincidence?

It’s not an accident, right? It’s a calculated, based on taste and your search history suggestion. And once you click it, you’re like - Wow, where was this before? How did I not know about it, right? I have to look more into it. And then you go, you do, you look into it, and find more and more interesting topics for your liking. But somehow, we are not surprised by why it was put in front of us! Because we call it algorithm, or if generalized - AI.

Soooo…. on to the first question!

- Why do we call a Coincidence a Coincidence in our Offline Life?

For example when we meet someone, or find ourselves in a funny situation?


I was raised in a society where we romanticize all these little serendipities and constantly call it Fate, God, etc… but what if, just what if - it’s a calculated move? The fun is still there, but now you know that you can take part in this yourself. And what is God? What is Fate? Is it, perhaps Natural Intelligence? Or is it maybe your own brain? Or is that the same thing? By the script (not that I know it well) , we were told that we have free choice! So does our mind, initially, until it’s brainwashed by everything around.

So then, (2+2= …) the questions we ask decide the exact direction we are going! And then, if by asking a different question - you change the direction you’re sailing!

Fu*k me… Try type “Love” in your offline search-bar! And maybe you’ll find some tutorial on “How to love in the next 30 days”, “Loose your extra hate by doing this exercise”. And discover "The secrets to finding cheap meaningless frustration at “Walmart” and resell it as gratitude on “Amazon” !

Why are we so focused on AI, when the Natural Intelligence is so ignored? I’ve been thinking this for as long as I remember, as a kid asking - why are we rushing after making the computer so powerful, when we’re lacking so much attention to our conscious, brain, soul, call it what you want? It’s a rhetorical question, I know, but nevertheless, should be raised once in a while, at least as a reminder.

History repeats itself - it’ll get worse before it gets better...


(This thought came after finding this video on youtube by, so to speak,

Accident. Why after this video? It’s a whole different topic. Not because of the lyrics, or music. Or maybe so, subconsciously?)

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