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I thought "Those days are gone".

I thought those days were long way gone. But - No. Greed for power and money has a louder voice than the voice of peace.

Deep inside, the cynic in me knows that this world was, is, and will always be this way. Beautiful on one side, and mad on the other. It's pointless to write something, it's pointless to change something, pointless to pray for anything. Pointless.

And somehow, maybe lying a bit deeper than the cynic, almost hiding, the naive and hopeful me thinks that good will prevail. When though? Everything will go to shit before it gets better. Isn't that the natural circle of life! Before we take that leap in human conscious, most of us will, likely, be wiped off.

Should I bother asking: How does a small group, or even worse - one person, decide for the majority? How does one think it's ok to send other kids to war, and keeping his ones

safe at home, surrounded by bodyguards? Where is that human life scale? I want to take a look at it. Does anyone know? And I'm not talking about only one person - the chief commander.

His affiliates, and the ones higher up are no better. And those on the other side too, looking for any reason to strike. Anyone who profits from wars and conflicts. On the other hand - we all die at some point, so who cares if now or later? Is that how they think? That's cynicism level - God. Which one though? Mine, or yours, or his? Stop it already! I thought those days are gone...

What's the real price of a human life? Or millions of lives? Where is that scale? I want to see it!

No, I don't. (Careful what you wish for.)

Today, I got really worried for my family. And I know I'm not the only one...

Art by: @dmirworld

Photo by: Brandi Ibrao

Song: "Those days are gone"

from Absurd World EP

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