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Roman aka Y-LIMIT is a singer/songwriter that makes contemporary music with traces of EDM, hip-hop, and indie rock. Born in Moldova he has decided at an early age to move to United States to make something of himself. After living in midwest for several years, dropping out of school to work on his first demo album he ends up having more success as a songwriter for others in Eurovision Song Contest. Later he decides for the big move to NYC. This was the place of his formation and all the experiences have polished him into a better person and artist. Experimenting with his sound, his approach to music, and challenging his life philosophy. He is a jack of all trades (having to take on many jobs from street artist, selling cakes to neurology technologist, and many in between especially after calling himself father and husband) but always master of one - Music. The urge of songwriting hasn’t stopped since childhood and is there to stay. After taking part in the EDM project FFAROS for several years, as a singer, songwriter and producer, having couple of their songs played on some radio stations in Eastern Europe, performing at such venues like GOOD ROOM and Bowery Electric in NYC, he decides to put more focus on his solo career, and continue as Y-LIMIT. Standing for "Why limit? Be yourself! Be creative!"

 Roman’s (Y-LIMIT) search for meaning resonates through music. As producer, singer & songwriter his philosophy is self-explanatory: creativity cannot be really classified. “Classifications stymie artistic growth,” he says. In talking, we found something in common – the artistic impulse to heal the collective, through the arts. It is a journey without an end, bruising at times, but always rewarding.  

- by Glenville Ashby, PHD.

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